Just Breathe

-Just breathe

It is important that you learn how to control your breathing. Just paying attention to your breath is called meditating. When you control it by taking deeper breaths in, pausing, and exhaling slowly, you will learn that it can relax you. Doing this will also clear your mind. It will allow you to be in the present. You will have less anxiety, less depression, less fear. You will not be thinking of your past regrets or future fears. You will just be. Here and Now. Now is when action is the easiest.

What are you afraid of?

I started this site because I wanted to create something. I want to have a contribution. As time goes by, I am filled with doubt. My mind thinks my posts are not good enough. That my writing is not good enough. That I should wait to post when I have some amazing breakthrough I want to share. It’s not about that though.

It is about where I am and what I can do to get better. Just writing my thoughts is not good enough, I need to be of help to the reader. It doesn’t need to be perfect it just has to be better then the last. I have to remind myself ‘progress not perfection’.