A great minimal workout tool

Work out using gymnastics rings.

It is a good hobby that will improve your life. If you combine your workouts with healthy eating, you will feel so much better. I am actually tired when I lay down to go to sleep.

I use my rings to do a basic Push-Pull-Legs-Push-Pull-Abs routine. I use the rings to do 3 sets of dips, 3 sets of pull-ups,  I do 75 to 100 bodyweight squats, then get back on the rings to do 3 sets of pushups, one final exercise of 3 sets of rows on the rings, followed by 3 sets of ab wheel rollouts.

That is my workout routine. With a weight gaining diet, I am able to get bigger and see increased muscle mass. You really only need your body and a set of gymnastics rings to get in great shape. With dedication,  you could easily build up to doing muscle-ups and more advanced exercises.

These rings linked below are the exact ones that I have been using for over a year now. They are well made and hold up nicely.

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