What is happiness?

What is Happiness?
Have you ever heard the phrase: “ignorance is bliss”? Does ignorance truly make someone happy? Lets go with an example. An overweight person knows they are fat but they are ignorant of the cause of their weight gain. They know their problem is that they weigh too much but they are not able to make a connection between their overeating and their weight gain. More than likely they are not happy because they are not healthy.

If they experiment by eating less, they would see how eating less will either stop their weight gain or cause weight loss. Once they learned that, they could apply those learned fact to get to a healthy weight. Just because they are ignorant of the cause of their weight gain does not mean they are happy being overweight. Ignorance is neither bliss nor happiness. Ignorance is a coping mechanism. Happiness is an action, acceptance of what you cannot change. Happiness applied to the overweight person is learning about the cause of their unhappiness and then action to either accept they cannot change their eating habits or change their eating habits so they lose the excess weight.

They are stopping themselves from happiness. Happiness is an action anyone can choose to make.

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