Uncomplicate with Minimalism

I see Minimalism as a “back to basics” it makes things fun again. I am into cycling and it can get really complicated. Like there are all these sensors and monitors that can tell you everything about your riding. Speed, distance, cadence, heart rate… The more complicated it gets the less joy there is. I recently took all that junk out of the equation.
I rode, just me and the bike. It was the best ride I have had in what felt like ages. You can use this concept in any of your hobbies or extracurricular activities

Use ‘back to basics’ to get your enjoyment back.

The healthy elimination diet

Have you heard of the new fad diets? Paleo, gluten free, keto, vegetarian, vegan? Why do people eat this way and how can you benefit from eating differently?

Do you have skin problems or digestive problems? I used to have bad acne and gallbladder problems. My hands had little pustules and tiny itchy red bumps. I thought it was poison ivy on my hands. I also had a rash on both of my elbows. I tried an elimination diet and it corrected all those problems.

You should do an elimination diet. Eliminate the major allergens from your diet for 2 to 4 weeks.
1. Wheat/Gluten: breads, cookies, cakes, beer, flour, noodles, etc.
2. Dairy: milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, butter, etc.
3. Soy
4. Corn: maltodextrin, corn syrups, there are too many to list here.
5. Nightshades: some people have problems with these.
6. Eggs

After your body has rid itself of all these foods, you pick one and reintroduce it for a day. Eat at least 4 servings of it during the day. Over the next 3 days pay close attention to your body. Are you more sluggish? Does your skin break out in acne, rash, or bumps? How is your digestive system? Do you poop more or have bad diarrhea or gas? Say after you added wheat back, you had a bad reaction. You should stop eating wheat/gluten because it causes those terrible reactions. After the 3 day observation, add another food back into your diet and observe your body’s reaction to that for the next 3 days.

Cleaning as Therapy

Did you know that you can use cleaning as therapy? You can totally immerse yourself in the act of cleaning. The house I am renting has hardwood floors. I sweep the floors as therapy. You can fully commit yourself to the act. Slowly and patiently I use the broom to clean. It is a positive feedback loop activity. As you get more of the floor done, the bigger the pile of dirt and dust bunnies gets. You see instant results of the dirt and dust being collected and then thrown away. Like you are giving the floor a back rub. After you are finished, not only is your mind cleared, but your home or room will be cleaner too. Cleaning is a simple exercise that is often overlooked. You can use it as a tool to catapult yourself to greatness. Start with the small victories.

How do you define yourself?

Do you let others define you?

Have you given others the power to define you? Do you purchase specific brands trying to identify yourself? Starbucks sells coffee and it isn’t that good. I like to think they sell an experience. The store you go into is very specifically decorated, has music playing softly, and is dimly lit. You pay a price for the brand to portray a certain idea. That you are trendy and hip. You could by a coffee maker at home and make it yourself for much cheaper. By letting them define you, you pay a higher price.

I do not like this higher price being paid. Minimalism, anticonsumption, simple living, going back to basics is where it’s at. You can be happier defining yourself and not letting the corporations do the defining.

Snake oil?

Snake oil?

You should try taking a Vitamin D supplement. I started taking one three years ago. At the time, I always had brain fog and felt down all the time. I was browsing reddit at the time and came accross a post about Vitamin D. I did tons of research and came to the conclusion that I should try taking some. I had a baseline of my life without taking it. As mentioned, I always felt blue. Once I started taking a 5000IU supplement of Vitamin D, I felt amazing. It was like the fog lifted. I felt less fatigued. Vitamin D was the best supplement I decided to take and I continue to take 5000IU today three years later.

During my research, I discoverd that Vitamin D toxicity is possible with a 10,000IU or higher daily supplement. I recommend taking a 5000IU supplement. I like the SOLGAR line, I purchased the 60 count vegetable capsules and it came in a brown glass bottle with a metal cap. It is a nice product and I am definatly going to continue taking it!

Deductions from my meditations

Deductions from my meditations:

1. You can silence your mind temporarily but as a living human being, your mind will always have thoughts and new thoughts occurring regularly.

2. You are not your thoughts.

3. Your thoughts are not always right. You have only experienced your point of view. Something bad happen to you? That something could prevent something worse from happening.

4. Your mind is very powerful. Most of your problems are created by you and can be easily fixed by a different mindset.

5. Negativity is bad for you and positivity is good for you. Even the smallest amount.

What is happiness?

What is Happiness?
Have you ever heard the phrase: “ignorance is bliss”? Does ignorance truly make someone happy? Lets go with an example. An overweight person knows they are fat but they are ignorant of the cause of their weight gain. They know their problem is that they weigh too much but they are not able to make a connection between their overeating and their weight gain. More than likely they are not happy because they are not healthy.

If they experiment by eating less, they would see how eating less will either stop their weight gain or cause weight loss. Once they learned that, they could apply those learned fact to get to a healthy weight. Just because they are ignorant of the cause of their weight gain does not mean they are happy being overweight. Ignorance is neither bliss nor happiness. Ignorance is a coping mechanism. Happiness is an action, acceptance of what you cannot change. Happiness applied to the overweight person is learning about the cause of their unhappiness and then action to either accept they cannot change their eating habits or change their eating habits so they lose the excess weight.

They are stopping themselves from happiness. Happiness is an action anyone can choose to make.

Wahl Micro Groomsman Lithium Vs Generic AAA Trimmer Review

Wahl Micro Groomsman Lithium Vs AAA trimmer from CVS


I use the Wahl Micro Groomsman Lithium to trim nose hair, ear hair, and chest hair. I also use it to manscape (pubic hair). I bought the Lithium model for $13.99 at Target. I also purchased a generic AAA trimmer from CVS for $9.99. Both the Micro Groomsman and the generic trimmer use a single AAA battery.

I like the generic trimmer for how easy it is to clean the blades. It has a sliding retainer on the back of the trimming head. The Micro Groomsman is not as easy to access the blade for cleaning. I also like the smaller size of the generic trimmer. But with the smaller size, it is powered by a smaller motor and has less power. It makes quick work of nose hair and ear hairs. That is where the generic model shines. When I tried to trim the thicker chest and pubic hairs, the trimmer struggled. So if you are only using it for nose and ear hair, this is the better model to get. It is much easier to access the blades to clean them.

Generic trimmer similar to the one I purchased:
ShineMore Women Facial Trimmer & Eyebrow Styling Kit Electric Pen Trimmer Shaver (Pink)

For the Wahl Micro Groomsman Lithium, I like it for several different factors. It is a more powerful trimmer and made the manscaping look easy. It has different trimmer heads that you can use too. I only use the straight blades and it does everything just as good as the generic trimmer. The downside is that the blades accumulate hair easily. There are a bunch of nooks and crannies for the hairs to get stuck in and around the blades. I have used this trimmer twice since I last cleaned it. I did take it all the way apart and was amazed at how much hair was around the blades, GROSS! *Don’t try to take it apart unless you are willing to lose some of the little tiny parts. The little gear and attached arm are super tiny and not secured by any screws.

Wahl Micro Groomsman Lithium:
Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer #5640-1001

Trimmer Head Disassembly Video:
Wahl Micro Groomsman Lithium Disassembly