You have a choice

Habits are what you choose to do regularly. Successful people have created their life by doing habits that build on each other. By doing their habits, they slowly progress towards what they are trying to achieve. If you smoke cigarettes, drink excess caffeine, or do other self-destructive habits such as excessive masturbation, overeating, or any negative feedback loop type habit, you have to change something. You can start by changing slowly and using your momentum to continuously improve. If you try to stop smoking and stop drinking coffee at the same time, you are setting yourself up for failure. Each one of those habits are difficult to stop alone. It could be done, but not as easy as stopping one thing at a time. If you don’t see it as a problem, then why change? Ask yourself: What are you trying to achieve? What are you doing to achieve that?

Sink or swim?

How to Meditate and calm your mind.

I try to meditate daily for 15 minutes. It helps to calm your mind and stop the constant worrying.

Start by imagining you are standing at a train station. While standing there, you notice a train approach the station. After a couple of seconds, the train departs the station and is no longer in sight. It is that easy.

Now go lay down and close your eyes. You are that train station and your thoughts are the trains. Allow a thought to enter your mind. Then release the thought, just as the train would depart the station. The thought is released from your grasp.

The purpose of meditation is not to stop a train from coming or to reduce the amount of trains. The purpose is to not board the train. There are a couple things you can focus on. Some people focus on the feeling of something or count their breaths. You can focus on the air passing your nostrils. Notice it is warm and humid when you exhale. It is cooler and dryer when you inhale. Or focus on your toes. How do they feel? Be as descriptive and in detail as possible. Or what I find is easy is to count your breaths. Count to 10 and then restart back at zero. Boom, done. You are a master meditator.